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System Engineering and Product Design Company having 20+ Years of Experience

Alpine Systems Private Limited (Formerly Alpine Systems) is a diversified Global IT Services Corporation. The company’s unique business model thrives through a synergy between its Electronics Designing, Training & Consultancy including Systems Integration.

Headquartered in New Delhi, India, Alpine Systems Private Limited is having a full-fledged team to carry out the complex tasks thereby enabling timely delivery up to the customer’s ultimate satisfaction.

Through years of working on development projects with Research & Development Establishments & DRDO Labs, Alpine systems have built up outstanding knowledge in the Electronic design & development area.

Providing Best Business Solution For Growing Your Business

We offer a complete solution from concept to prototype development in the area of Signal Processing; Video & Image Processing; Control Systems of Laser-based Instruments etc.

Our In House Design Expertise:

Circuit Designing & PCB Designing

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FPGA based design implementation

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Microprocessor based controller board

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Microcontroller Based System Development

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Embedded board design & GUI Development

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IP Core development for FPGA

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Projects Done

List of our Major Customers

Our Major Contracts

  • Video Tracker Card. (LASTEC, Delhi )
  • Real-Time Pattern Generation, mixing & displaying. (IRDE Dehradun)
  • 256 Channel E Type Thermocouple Data Acquisition Unit. (LASTEC, Delhi )
  • Electronic card for Range Measuring Unit. (LASTEC & IRDE)
  • Command Control Panel Unit. (LASTEC, Delhi )
  • Test & evaluation Unit for Laser Diode Driver. (LASTEC, Delhi )
  • Multi-Layer Mixed technology PCB Layout design of WLAN, Modem, IBU card. (DEAL, Dehradun).
  • 256 Channel Addressable Wireless Fire Alarm System. (CFEES, Delhi )
  • Processor 186 based Single Board Computer. (LASTEC, Delhi )
  • 40 Channel High Voltage Amplifier System. (LASTEC, Delhi)
  • Laser Diode Driver Card. (LASTEC, Delhi )
  • S/W porting, Simulation, and hardware Emulation of GPS. (Adya Systems Delhi )
  • Servo Power Amplifier & Control Card. (IRDE Dehradun)
  • Power Supply Card & Flex PCB for Thermal Imager Camera. (IRDE Dehradun)
  • Electronics for Quadrant Detector. (IRDE Dehradun)
  • Xilinx S/W & Kit, installation & training. (LASTEC, IRDE, GEC, WBTU)
  • 15 days of Training on VLSI Technologies. (ECIL, Mumbai)
  • Real-Time Image Processing Trainer kit. (LASTEC & IRDE)
  • Xilinx FPGA/CPLD based Learner kit (LASTEC, IRDE, GEC, WBTU)
  • CEP Course 2005 Kit. (IRDE Dehradun)

Meet Expert Team Members

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