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Our Services

Build to Spec Concept to final Product Design.

System Engineering and Build to Spec or Spec to manufacturing services in the electronics domain catering to the needs of a wide variety of industries and applications.

We provide end-to-end design and development services

Engineering Research & Development

Hardware Design & Manufacturing

Embedded Software Development

Testing & Qualification


Product Lifecycle Support

We can fit into your requirement at any stage of the design cycle

Services We Offer:

We help customers to build complete Build to Spec products and solutions from concept to prototype development, providing end-to-end design and development services which includes

Specs finalization

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Concept to Specs finalization (Circuit designing & Component selection)


Hardware Design & Development

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PCB Design, Fabrication & Assembly Services


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Component Sourcing (Hard to find ICs, MIL grade ICs, Camera, Displays, Laser Devices)


Testing, Debugging & Packaging

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Testing of our Hardware & Software before final delivery to our customer.



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Software Programming (Controller & FPGA/CPLD programming)