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Software Programming (Controller & FPGA/CPLD programming)

Software Programming

Our Software Programming capabilities help you to develop your FPGA/Microcontroller applications accurately and meet your specifications.

Upon completion of the coding process, we develop test benches and conduct the analysis necessary to verify the functional and timing criteria. This process ensures the integrity of the design specifications and overall functionality that meet your timeline, budget, and specification.

We mainly work with XILINX & Altera devices, occasionally with Microsemi, Our Service offerings include:

  • FPGA/Microcontroller Based System Design
  • FPGA Based IP Design
  • Design Verification Services
  • ASIC/SoC Prototyping

Our Services for FPGA include

  • VHDL Design
  • VHDL Simulation in ModelSim
  • VHDL Synthesis
  • FPGA & CPLD implementation
  • Design Debugging & FPGA Verification using ChipScope/SignalTap

Our Objective:

Realization of hardware using FPGA/Microcontroller along with required supportive memories (SRAM, FLASH, EEPROM, ADC, DAC, RTC, PORTS (USB, RS422, RS232, Ethernet), etc.

  • RTL modeling in VHDL
  • Use of Platform FPGAs
  • Use of standard design elements (Embedded Processors, Memories, Bus Controllers)
  • Use of industry-standard tools for Synthesis and Simulation.

Our Services also offer the replacement of obsolescent parts through an FPGA or Microcontroller solution

Redesign of an existing board using advanced technologies.

And Miniaturization of Digital Board by replacing the discrete Logic IC’s by FPGA or CPLD.

FPGA Design Implementation Skills

System-Level Design Skills

  • Algorithm development for high-performance applications
  • Hardware-software partitioning
  • Multi-FPGA partitioning
  • System-level architecture optimizations
  • Multi-clock domain logic