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Concept to specs finalization (Circuit designing & Component selection)

Concept to specs finalization

(Circuit designing & Component selection)

ASPL’s aim is to develop state-of-the-art products that create competitive advantages for our clients.

We have a full-fledged team to carry out the complex tasks thereby enabling timely delivery up to the customer’s ultimate satisfaction

From the initial specifications right through to testing and manufacturing, we deliver a truly unique service – a complete suite of design and production solutions under one roof.

Our Strength is to design & develop Industrial and Military specs.

Ensuring design excellence and the highest level of product quality shortens the product development cycle and so optimizes time-to-market. 

The most popular business model proposed by Alpine Systems includes client support throughout the product’s lifetime.

We help you in transforming your concept into specification.

Data Acquisition System

  • I/O Interface,
  • ADC and DAC

Video Processing (FPGA based Solution)

  • Information Overlay into camera video
  • Real-time data display on video
  • Target detection and Tracking
  • Real-Time Pattern Generator for Tracker
  • Simulator.

Image Processing (FPGA based Solution)

  • Contrast Enhancement
  • Filters Design

Digital Logic Implementation in the field of – LASER based Instrumentation

  • CCD Camera
  • Infra-red Systems

IP Core Design in VHDL

  • UART
  • Real-Time Clock (RTC)
  • Histrogrammer
  • Median Filter

Design and System Optimization

  •  Using better high-end Devices

System Architectural Design

  • Transformation of Concept to Specification
  • Specification to Hardware architecture

Digital Algorithm Implementation

  • Board Design Solution
  • Architectural Design
  • Testing Methodology

Hardware Design Expertise using

  • 8/16-bit Microcontrollers
  • Programmable Logic design
  • PLDs, CPLDs, FPGAs
  • Supportive analog and digital ICs like OPAMPs, ADC’s and DAC’s.

PCB designing & Fabrication of up to 12 Layers of Industrial/Mil-Grade quality. Component Sourcing of Commercial/Industrial/Mil-Grade quality